ADINA DIACONU (ROU): «Mission (almost) impossible»

«China line up their best players, hard task to confirm the doubles title, but my goal is to clinch two or three medals anyway»

24 november 2017

Interview with Romanian Adina Diaconu at the eve of WJTTC in Riva del Garda.

We often speak about table tennis like an Asian sport, because of their supremacy. How do you describe the gap between Asia and Europe? Is it bigger than last years or do you think you get closer?
Adina Diaconu: «This year the gap is bigger than last year because China took their best players, which was not the case last year. But in general, yes, I think we are closer than the last few years».

In your mind, what is the most important aspect to improve to compete at the same level with Asian Teams? «Training. We have to do more training. And mental is very important too. In my opinion, these are the two aspects we have to improve».

What are your objectives during this competition? «Of course we will try to keep our title (Women’s double), but it will be almost impossible. Otherwise, I hope to win two or three medals».

What do you love in table tennis? «The speed. And… well everything! Since I am five years old table tennis is all in my life».

Luca Anthonioz

Photo: A. Diaconu
Credits: International Table Tennis Federation