ADRIANA DIAZ (PUR): «It's great to compete in Italy»

«I think that I am well prepared, I am very glad to be the best in South America»

26 november 2017

A 3-1 victory over Tunisia to begin the competition, congrats! How do you feel here in Riva del Garda? Adriana Diaz: «Well I really love Italy, this is one of my favorite country. I’m really happy to play here and try to do my best».

We always see a Puerto Rico’s team in the World Junior Championship since many years now. Is table tennis an important sport in your Country? «No, this is not really very famous. I can say that my generation made a change when we started table tennis with my cousins. Now it is a little bit more famous, but this is still clearly a little sport in our Country».

You are only 17 years old, but already the best player in Puerto Rico and even in all South America. Do you feel a particular pressure about it? «No, to be honest I don’t feel pressure about it. I just think that I am well prepared and that the work I have done so far allows me to stay in this position. But I am very glad to be the best in South America».

Finally, can you tell us something in Italian? «(Laughs) Ti voglio bene».

Luca Anthonioz

Photo: A. Diaz