Asian players hold court (enjoying Garda Trentino)

After the Chinese double gold in the teams events, the individual competitions look on the same page in Riva del Garda: the athletes show their great shape and appreciate the experience in Italy

01 december 2017

2017 World Junior Table Tennis Championships are getting down to the wire in Riva del Garda with the individual events going on and the top players eventually on the scene today, Friday December 1st.

No major upsets among the boys singles’ big guns. Seeded #1 Xue Fei (China) will face the German Gerrit Engemann, who was protagonist of the most uncertain match of the day, by beating 4:3 Italian Carlo Rossi, while #2 Yuto Kizukuri (Japan) beat Czech Martinko. Seeded #4 Lin Yun-Ju (Taipei) was forced to withdraw because of an injury.

Girls singles’ matches have been much more exciting. Hong Kong’s Wing Sze Chau and Wai Chu Fung beat the odds defeating Lisa Lung (Belgium) and Izabela Lupulesku (Serbia); another top-ranked player, Thai Jinnipa Sawettabut lost 2:4 against Polish Julia Slazak.

The World Junior Championships are not only competitions, giving the opportunity to discover new countries and habits, especially for those coming from the other side of the World. “It’s my first time in Italy – Chinese Xu Haidong, one of Team Event’s gold protagonist, said -. I was impressed by Riva del Garda, a beautiful city with a truly peaceful atmosphere. The food is also very tasty”.

Tomorrow, Saturday December 2nd, the penultimate competition day at the Baltera will unveil the semi-finalists of the Boys and Girls’ Singles, and the finalists of Boys’ Doubles, Girls’ Doubles and Mixed Double. After China dominance as a team, the challenge is open more than ever.

Photo: Yuto Kizukuri
Credits: Remy Gros