The Italian Table Tennis Federation (FITET) is the national body responsible to organize and promote table tennis activity all over Italy. The first attempt to establishment dates back to 1945 in Genova, whereupon two years later Gino Maria Cini (who was then appointed President) created in Livorno the Gruppo Italiano Tennistavolo (GITET), included by the Italian Olympic Committee as a FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) branch. 

The first Congress took place in 1960 with the election of the new president Filippo Dragotto. Nine years later the official title switched to Federazione Italiana Tennistavolo (FITET), recognized by the Olympic Committee as a temporary member from 1974 and effective member from 1979.

The first edition of National Championships, both male and female, was held in 1948, while the first appearance at the Olympic Games dates back to 1998, Seul, South Korea.

Fitet headquarters is in Rome since 1948; current President is Renato Di Napoli, in the office from2016.

The FITET Board in charge for the period 2017/2020 is composed by:

President: Renato Di Napoli

Deputy vice President: Carlo Borella

Vice President
: Giacomo Barbieri

Members: Mario Gabba, Domenico Giordani, Luca Malucchi, Gianfranco Paglia, Sergio Pezzanera

Members on behalf of athletes: Michela Brunelli, Marzia Bucca, Enrico Rech Daldosso

General secretary: Giuseppe Marino.