Food & flavours

Garda Trentino has more than just the attractions of sport, nature, fun and culture. There’s also the food and wine waiting to be discovered, fruit of a combination of age-old tradition, unique local produce, and our innate sense of hospitality which guarantees a warm welcome everywhere you go. Every visit to Garda Trentino becomes a sensory experience, a voyage of discovery of the flavours, aromas and specialities of the area. The Holiday with Taste project, in collaboration with the Valle di Ledro Consortium and Rovereto and Vallagarina Tourist Board, is now in its fifth edition and targets these resources with a view to developing the range and quality the local tourism system has to offer.

Typical products: brokkoli from Torbole sul Garda (Slow Food Praesidium), Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. Garda Trentino, plums of Dro D.O.P., chestnuts, fruit of the forest, salted meat, lakefish, wine, Vino Santo, balsamic vinegar, spirits/Grappa.