Harimoto cannot take the world on his shoulder

The Japanese title holder withdrew from Riva del Garda’s World Junior Championships due to injury: with Yukiya Uda as replacement, the odds are totally overturned

22 november 2017

Tomokazu Harimoto will not be playing at the 2017 ITTF World Junior Championships. An unexpected news for the Japan Table Tennis Association, supporters and fans coming to Garda Trentino from all over the world, just few days ahead of the championships to be held in Riva del Garda’s Exhibition Centre from November 26th to December 3rd.

Harimoto, who has won the Junior Boys’s single title last year in Cape Town (South Africa) when he was just 13, was defeated at the Swedish Open’s octo-finals where his shoulder injury came up. As a consequence, he decided to withdraw from Riva del Garda’s World Junior Championships. The young Japanese star immediately returned to the motherland for treatments.

The Japan Table Tennis Association called Yukiya Uda, just 16 and number 12 in the Under 18 world ranking in September, as a replacement. Uda will pair with Yuta Tanaka in the men’s double;  Yuto Kizukuri e Masaki Takami will be the other double line-up. In spite Harimoto’s important forfait, the show must go on: Riva del Garda expects an exciting event anyway, and now more uncertain likely.

Lorenzo Falangone

Photo: Yukiya Uda & Tomokazu Harimoto
Credits: International Table Tennis Federation