IZABELA LUPULESKU (SRB): “Inspired by Garda Trentino”

The Serbian player is back to Riva del Garda three years later: "This is a lucky place for me, I don’t want to leave without enjoying a bit the lake"

29 november 2017

Serbia’s Izabela Lupulesku and her teammates got a superb 3-1 victory over Honk-Kong to reach the quarter final and especially. Kind of crazy atmosphere inside the team came to light, was this one of the key of success?

Izabela Lupulesku: “Yes. Definitely it was something that helped us to win. We are a great team, working together since five years, since we were kids. We are like a family, they all sisters for me. So there is a great empathy in the team and we always support each other. Two weeks ago, at the Hungarian Open, we made a better result than Hong-Kong so we knew we had a chance and prepared this game carefully. I am really happy that we won; it is a great result for us and for Serbia. I hope we will go on during next events”.

After that, you lost 0-3 against China in the quarters. Was the step too high or could you maybe have done better?

I think the step was too high; they really are very strong players. I had personally a chance by leading 9-5 in the first set and then 7-3 in the third. Anyway they are better players than us and we didn’t expect to win this game”.

You are number 27 in the ranking and one of the best European players. What are your objectives for the Individual Event?

Well, last year I lost at the Round of 32. This year I aim for a better result achieving maybe the Round of 16. I just want to play the best I can and give everything because it is my last junior tournament, so I want to strongly remember it”.

You already were here in Riva del Garda three years ago for the European Youth Championships. Which memories do you have? Are you happy to be back here?

I actually have some of the best memories here because I won the bronze medal in the Single at the EYC. This is one of the best results in my career. I hope this place will be a lucky place for me like three years ago. I sadly had no time to see the city because I played a tournament in Russia and then I directly came here to practice. But I hope to have more time for the next days because I remember there is a nice lake. Nature is very beautiful and this is a relaxing place, where you can stop and just watch for hours”.

Luca Anthonioz

Photo: Izabela Lupulesku
Credits: Remy Gros