AN JAEHYUN (KOR): «Seize the moment is my dogma»

“My goal is to get the gold medal both in team and individual events. This is my third participation at the WJTTC, it’s the good time for me”

25 november 2017

Hi An Jaehyun, is it your first time in Italy? And how do you feel here in Riva del Garda, do you like it? An Jaehyun: «Yes, this is my first time in Italy. I think it is almost the same as the other European countries».

South Korea is a big country of table tennis since lot of years. But in comparison with China and Japan, you seem to be less favorite. What do you think about it? «Of course China and Japan are very famous and favorites. But South Korea is also very strong in table tennis. I think this hierarchy is logical because systems in China and Japan are very big and well organized, which is not the case in our country».

Joo Se-Hyuk is one of the best players you ever had in South Korea. He is a very famous and appreciate player with his crazy defensive skills. What does he represent for you? And how do you explain there are so few defensive players, even in South Korea? «Joo Se-Hyuk is a remarkable player. But except him, there is not so much defensive player, especially by the men. I don’t know why, but so it is».

What are your objectives this year in Riva del Garda? «My goal is to get the gold medal in Team Event, but also in Individual Single and Double. This is my third participation at the WJTTC so this is the good time for me».

Finally, there are a lot of very good Korean players by the seniors. Do you hope to play at the Olympic Games in Tokyo (2020) or Paris (2024)? «I will first prepare myself for the Asian Games next year. After that, I hope to participate at the Olympic Games in Tokyo».

Luca Anthonioz

Photo: An Jaehyun
Credits: International Table Tennis Federation