Mediterranean climate and beautiful landscapes tasting the local spices: an unforgettable experience awaits you on Garda Lake's shore

Its Mediterranean climate, beautiful panorama are the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday on Lake Garda – or more than one if you wish!

Riva del Garda is the main centre of Northern Lake Garda. It is the ideal location for an eventful holiday. Sport is the main motivation for the holiday: sailing and windsurfing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, canoeing. The mild climate favours a typically Mediterranean vegetation with lemon trees, olive trees, laurels and palm trees: a true Mediterranean island at the foot of the Dolomites. The centre of Riva del Garda will fascinate you with its works of art and architecture, witnessing to ancient history and a past rich in art and culture. The tour of the city comprises visits to the following

_ the Rocca, at present hosting the city museum and art gallery;

_ the Apponale tower, an ancient venue for commerce and fairs;

_ the Pretorian Palace, hosting under its loggia Roman, medieval and modern memorial stones, and the historic Comune Palace;

_ the churches of the Inviolata and S. Maria Assunta, important examples of Baroque architecture.

In times past, the city hosted famous names such as Nietzsche, Kafka and the Mann brothers. This exclusive yet familiar reception is still part of the tradition of the shores of Lake Garda. The hotels offer you top comfort and innovation together with warm, familiar hospitality and characteristic restaurants.