MIYU KATO (JPN): “Would be an honor to play at the OG at home”

"It would be an honor to play for Japan and I would obviously do my best and try to win”

28 november 2017

Miyu Kato, you are number 17 in the world ranking, really amazing! And number seven in Japan. The level in your country is really crazy. Why are you so strong?

Miyu Kato: “There are effectively lots of great players in Japan, lot of rivals. As I like to compete and win against them, I reached this level and I’m getting stronger”.

By both girls and boys Teams you are seeded number one, ahead of China. Do you expect an impressive change in the next few years with Japan becoming the best table tennis country instead of China?

It is very difficult to keep the number one seed. But our purpose, our dream is always to be the number one in the world. I hope Japan will keep the number one seed on the next couple years”.

The battle for getting your quota at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 will be truly hard. What do you think about it?

It is true; it will be very difficult due to the high number of great players in Japan. But I try to seriously practice and to play hard in the matches with the goal to get stronger. If I continue like that, I think I can obtain my ticket for the Olympic Games. It would be an honor to play for Japan and I would obviously do my best and try to win”.

For the individual competition, who do you think will be the strongest opponent for you?

“Of course the three Chinese players are the most dangerous. But I have to be focused on myself”.

Luca Anthonioz

Photo: Miyu Kato
Credits: ITTF