Official Greetings

Thomas Weikert

International Table Tennis Federation President

«Dear friends of Table Tennis,

it is great pleasure that the International Table Tennis Federation entrusted the Italian Table Tennis Federation with staging and hosting the 2017 World Junior Championships. Staged in Riva del Garda, the Expo Fair is the home for the forthcoming 2017 WJC.

The table tennis youth of the World is converging to the beautiful city of Riva del Garda, first time ever in Italy, to compete for the honour of being crowned World Junior Champions. We cannot deny the amazing strength of our Chinese friends, closely followed by Japan and Korea. However, we also know that some European nations have made tremendous gains and so have done many other national associations including Arab and African players. We should not forget the challenge that could also come from the Americas and Oceania. This makes this year’s Championships a very interesting one probably full of exciting surprises. So I´m sure that you will see a fantastic event with great Table Tennis!

On behalf of the ITTF, I thank the Italian Table Tennis Federation for presenting the world a well-staged and successful event. I extend my thanks to the members of the Organizing Committee and the many volunteers who make such events possible. Support from the commercial world and from manufacturers is crucial; my grateful thanks to Stag, the official table and floor supplier, as well as to Butterfly, the official ball supplier and the local organizations whose support is vital.

To the players and coaches, my best wishes to achieve personal goals. In addition, I wish delegates, match officials and all who make this event possible, the very best in whatever duties may be required. I am sure that you will enjoy the great hospitality provided by a gracious hosts. The spectators I wish a fantastic Event with great Table Tennis on its best!».

Giovanni Malagò

Italian National Olympic Committee President

«Italy is confirmed as the theater of great junior table tennis. Riva del Garda, home of the 2014 European Youth Championships, will be an exceptional background for the 2017 World Junior Championships. This is the fifteenth edition of the event, highlighted by the most talented exponents of the discipline, just under a year till the third edition of the Olympic Youth Games scheduled in Buenos Aires. It will be a showcase of extraordinary importance to assess the growth of youngsters who represent the future, while at the same time seeking to promote the beauty of this discipline and to engage new enthusiasts. I am particularly grateful to FITeT, led by Renato Di Napoli, who has proved to be an international reference point for the entire movement, thanks to an ambitious strategy aimed at the development and technical growth of the national potential, exalting the importance of a fruitful comparison with other realities.

Spectacle and excitement will surely triumph, confirming the undeniable organizational abilities boasted by our country at the world level, the result of a winning tradition that has always distinguished us. On behalf of the Italian National Olympic Committee, I address the most sincere greetings to the organizers, the staff, the managers, the coaches and the young protagonists of this great event, with the certainty that they will provide their fundamental contribution to making it an unforgettable experience. There will be 100 athletes between the ages of 14 to 18 coming from 20 nations to compete: these are important numbers that will make Riva del Garda an iridescent table tennis fulcrum. It will be an important trial to be faced with a smile and the desire to learn while having fun: it is the best way to grow, both in life and in sport, making our world’s values a sure guide towards conquering our tomorrows as protagonists. Good World Championships to all».

Tiziano Mellarini

Councillor for Culture, Cooperation, Sport and Civil Defence

Autonomous Province of Trento

«With these World Championships the area of Lake Garda falling within Trentino has stepped into the limelight for table tennis enthusiasts, but above all it has reinforced perception of its brand at international level, with positive repercussions on its image as an active tourist destination. The event confirms the role of Riva del Garda as a meeting place, not just for environmental tourism linked to the lake, but also as a centre with a powerful link to sport throughout the year.

In this context the choice of a discipline such as table tennis is very significant, extending its audience and opening the door to young people, while also contributing to expanding and further reinforcing this discipline in Trentino. It will be a major sports festival, where athletic exploits, tension, concentration and emotions will be the real protagonists, succeeding in attracting the attention of the public and many young people, confirming that Trentino is the land of sports and sportspeople, and that major events can help to raise awareness of the area and its strong potential».

Renato Di Napoli

Italian Table Tennis Federation President

«We are proud to be able to host this great event for the first time, which will feature at the Baltera Trade Fair Center in Riva del Garda, all the most talented Under 18 athletes from all corners of the world. We are grateful to the International Federation for giving us the organization of this so important event and we will do our best to honor the trust we have been granted. I am delighted to be able to welcome athletes, coaches, officials and accompaniers, who will in many ways be the protagonists of these junior championships. We will work with the Garda Trentino Committee, who collaborate with us to make the best conditions to accomplish the task and we hope that when they return to their countries, everyone can bring a good memory of the days passed in Italy. For the young table tennis players, these will be important moments in their competitive training, in which they will face the hardest opponents of their age groups and see the rate of the progress they have made and of their current level. Many of them in a few years will perform on the most important platforms of the senior circuit and I trust that, looking back, they will gladly return with their minds to the emotions they had experienced in Riva del Garda. So I wish the best of fortunes to everyone so that they can succeed in transferring what they have gained in the course of harsh hours of daily workouts and to seize the incentive to commit even more intensively in the future».

Adalberto Mosaner

Mayor of Riva del Garda

«It is a great pleasure to welcome inRiva del Garda the World Junior Table Tennis Championships, one of the most important and spectatucar event for this very beloved sport. This opportunyìity surely strengthens the relationship between our town and table tennis’ family that we improved over the years, as Riva del Garda already hosted European Youth Championships and the Italian Senior Championships. We hope to nurture the friendly relationships between Riva del Garda and table tennis sport further, and to continue on this path in the near future.

I wish a pleasant stay to all participants, athletes, coaching staff, organizers and relatives. I am sure they will appreciate our innate hospitality skills and the terrific Riva del Garda’s beauty. You will be very welcome guests whenever you’ll return to visit us».

Marco Benedetti

Chairman of Garda Trentino spa

«On summer 2014, as European Table Tennis Youth Championships came to an end, we promised ourselves to strive for bringing back another top-class table tennis event in Riva del Garda, and we did it. This gives us great satisfaction welcoming the athletes attending the 2017 World Junior Championships.

Through the esteem the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) showed us and the Italian Table Tennis Federation (FITET) efforts, this new project came true and we are confident to make it successful. Everybody knows Garda Trentino because of its beauty and sport lifestyle, hence the huge table tennis family – one of the most popular sports in the world – will benefit from a warm hospitality while staying in Riva del Garda to enable a positive experience, worthy of being remembered by the best table tennis prospects destined to become proper stars. We like to thing each of their star shining over Garda Trentino’s blue skies».